Now Offering Online Bill Pay

Posted December 22, 2013 by Jordon Greene

As we continue to increase our ability to serve our customers, we are glad to announce that we now offer online bill pay.

Everything is digital these days and making payments by postal mail takes time and costs money. Now, with For Liberty Communications, you can make your payments quick, easy and securely without having to spend money on a stamp or worrying about your bill arriving on time.

To provide extra security and confidence in our bill pay system, all bill payments are processed using PayPal. With our system you get the ease and convenience you are used to without losing confidentiality.

We look forward to our customers using this new service and cannot wait to see what we can offer you next!

Client Reviews

"I have been pleased with the prompt customer service and the eye for the visual Presto Servers has received on our web site development from Jordon and For Liberty Communications."

-David Williams, CEO, Presto Servers, Inc.